Medical benefits of marijuana

There are numorous benefits of marijuana. According to, here are some of it. Marijuana is a weed grown by a farmer that is commonly used as a drug. In the past marijuana was viewed as a harmful and unwanted substance in the society. Everyone in the community did his best to condemn and eliminate marijuana. This has however changed by time. People in the world has come to realize that marijuana posses many medical and recreational benefits. This lead to many people pushing for the legalization of the substance. Although the medical can be overstated by the people pushing for its legalization, it is beyond reasonable doubt that marijuana contains much medical importance.


Treatment of glaucoma

Glaucoma is a defect of the eye that leads to the eye developing pressure in the eyeball. The pressure affect s the normal working of the eyeball. The condition then affects the optic nerve, and in advanced cases, it can lead to eye blindness. It was observed that despite money people in the slums smoking marijuana, the cases reported of glaucoma were very few. Later medical research revealed that when the substance is inhaled, it reduces the amount of intercellular pressure in the body. Including the pressure in the eyes. It was later discovered that the only treatment that opticians used to treat glaucoma was the administration of marijuana.


Stops the spreading of marijuana

Marijuana can reduce the spreading of marijuana in different ways. First marijuana has the chemical properties to minimize inter-cellular pressure in the body cells. Cancer is the abnormal growth of the body cells. Abnormal growth can be triggered by inter-cellular cells in the body. When a cell cannot absorb the pressure, it leads to the formation of other cells. Marijuana helps reduce the unnecessary growth of cells. Secondly, marijuana got the ability to kill a gene called 1d-1. These are the gene that promotes cancerous cells in the body. The cancerous cell can multiply this cells in a faster rate than uncancerous cells. Marijuana can suppress this gene thus reducing the tendency of cancer spreading.


Decreases stress and anxiety

Marijuana has the natural ability to cause relaxation in the human body. It can reduce pain and suppress nausea. Marijuana has been used by many artists before a performance. It is believed that they took marijuana to increase their self-confidence. Further research showed that the artist aims at relieving anxiety more than they target at boosting their confidence. After a stressful day, a few puffs of the marijuana works wonders in helping an individual relax.


Useful for treatment of hepatitis B

One of the reasons why marijuana was banned in many countries is because doctors were believed to be using marijuana to treat children who were infected with hepatitis B. after a lengthy study it was discovered that no drug in the world has proven to be useful in the treatment of the disease like marijuana. Marijuana is also effective in eliminating and suppressing the negative effect of the disease. Fatigue, nausea, and muscles aches can be minimized by the help of marijuana.