Proven health benefits of CBD oil

hemp cbd oil

The first state to approve the use of medical marijuana was California in 1996. Over the years, over 27 states have followed suit by legalizing medical marijuana. It is just a matter of time before it is legalized across the world. This is because doctors have recommended it as a therapy for cancer, seizures, chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, and more. Scientific evidence shows that health benefits of marijuana are undeniable. This is mainly because of CBD oil which is one of the cannabinoids.

Marijuana contains over 50 types of cannabinoids. The most-talked-about is THC due to its psychoactive effects. However, if you want to avoid brain-altering effects, then you should use CBD Oil. According to studies, it acts as an antioxidant, anticonvulsant, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic, and antipsychotic agent. You should note that use of CBD oil is legal as it can be obtained from hemp. Remember that hemp is fully legal to grow anywhere. The following are some benefits of CBD oil:

CBD oil benefits


inflammation CBD oilMainstream drugs such as painkillers can have harmful side effects such as ulcers, internal bleeding, and liver damage. Moreover, some drugs are addictive. Chronic inflammation has been linked to various diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The best alternative to harmful pharmaceuticals is CBD oil. Studies have revealed that it can suppress neuropathic pain and chronic inflammation. Unlike the opiate painkillers that just mask the pain and build tolerance, CBD has been proven to be an effective anti-inflammatory treatment which never loses its effectiveness.

Anxiety relief

Anxiety is another epidemic that has been found to ravage a lot of people across the country. A lot of patients depend on toxic medications such as Valium, Ativan, and Xanax. Unfortunately, they are just short-term solutions which have a huge risk of addiction. Fortunately, CBD oil is a good alternative that is not only effective but also natural and safe. Studies have shown that CBD oil can treat anxiety and even social anxiety disorder.

Diabetes prevention

CBD oil h26It is estimated that over a half of the country’s population has either diabetes or they show pre-diabetes symptoms. This disease is quite dangerous and has its health complications. Moreover, it puts you at risk for kidney failure, heart disease, nerve failure, and other disorders.

The above are some of the proven benefits of CBD oil. Ensure you consult with your doctor before using it.…

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Reasons to buy a smoothie blender


A smoothie blender is not like any other home appliance. A blender can transform your eating habits in the home. If you have decided to take the healthy eating journey, then look for a blender at Checkout The role of a blender is to help break down your fruits and veggies into a smooth paste. Some veggies and fruits cannot be taken whole due to the taste and making them into a smoothie make them manageable. Here are some of the reasons that you should consider buying a blender for a smoothie.

Why you need to buy a blender

Ease of cooking

When you buy a blender, you will have an easy time cooking. When making soups and stews, you don’t have to keepASasfsdfsdf slicing the ingredients which can be a long process. All you need is to blend all the ingredients in the blender and cooking will be easy. With a blender, you will realize that it takes a shorter time to cook and prepare meals compared to doing it without a blender.

Healthy lifestyle

A blender is a great way to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Instead of taking the unhealthy juices available on the market, you can make your healthy smoothies. When a craving for unhealthy soft drinks, all you have to do is to take all the fruits that you need and make a natural smoothie. You can also make healthy shakes instead of taking the unhealthy chocolate milkshakes available in fast food joints.

Try new recipes

A blender can be beneficial if you are planning to try new recipes in the home. At some point, you will need to use a blender when cooking, and a blender will just do the trick. If you don’t like cooking, then a blender will make things easy for you because you can try new recipes with it. Trying new recipes will help you make healthy food options at home instead of eating unhealthy food from the fast food joints.


Variety of options

One thing that you must admit is the wide variety when it comes to blenders. You can choose a variety of blenders, juicers depending on your needs. There are blenders for making smoothies, and we also have juicers in different types and varieties. You can always choose one that will serve your needs well.


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Curing diabetes


Diabetes is a disease that occurs when sugar level in the blood, increases due to the absence of insulin in our body. Keeping diabetes under control includes maintaining blood sugar levels under control. Diabetes has some fleeting effects and if not controlled in time, can end in deadly diseases that end up being fatal forever. Short impacts of time incorporate obscured ocular vision, weight loss, loss of concentration, urination and so on, and if these effects are not controlled in time, they eventually end in dangerous consequences such as kidney failure, heart disease, eye diseases and soon.


Have all the combinations imaginable

Good nutrition and proper exercise are essential in case you want to control all types of diabetes. In the diabetes controlada program, you must have the right combination of training, prescription medications, and diets. These three factors will help you to be more fit and improve your overall health while maintaining a constant blood pressure. To make sure you follow a controlled diabetes program is to join a weight loss meeting. You can join controlled diabetes programs groups which have practical experience to help people with health problems such as diabetes. How will diabetic exercise help you adapt to diabetes?


We have exercise involved

These exercises will help your body improve the use of insulin. Your body needs insulin to direct your blood sugar level. The more dynamic your body is, the faster you will consume these fats. With a lot of carbohydrates depleted from your frame, your blood sugar level will often be reduced. As a result, your insulin intake will decrease. It is essential to make sure that your blood sugar level does not go down too much when you exercise. Be sure to check your blood sugar from time to time, plan your dinner hours, and observe the symptoms of low blood sugar levels when you exercise. Coaches in one of the many wellness approaches that represent considerable authority in the controlled diabetes program can help you develop a routine that allows you to perform exercises safely.


Join the controlled diabetes program

In case you want to improve your health and control your diabetes, it is recommended that you join a controlled diabetes program that focuses on exercise and weight loss. The controlled diabetes program varies in its concentration, therefore, ask your doctor to recommend one that is aimed at people with diabetes. These programs can help you consume those fats that have clung to your body for quite some time. Losing weight is incredible for your overall health and can also help you minimize the symptoms of diabetes and decrease your insulin intake.


Build your strength

Exercise is good for many things besides controlling your blood sugar level. It is an ideal way to build strength in your body and improve your levels of vitality. Not only that, it is equally essential for you to make your bones denser and strengthen your joints. It also improves your circulation. This is particularly useful for people with diabetes who regularly experience the ill effects of poor blood circulation.



Another result of the proper eating and exercise is that it lowers blood pressure. Hypertension can cause several terrible complexities, one of which is a stroke. In case your blood pressure is high, you can block the flow or entry of oxygen into your heart. Strokes are very dangerous, and the active recovery of the strokes to recover their movement and control is a long and challenging process.…

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How to tell that you are pregnant – early pregnant signs

While there are many women out there who are trying to conceive, there are others who are panicking because they are afraid unwanted pregnancies. It is always good to use protection if you are not prepared to conceive. However, in one reason or the other you are suspecting that you are pregnant, apart from taking a scientific pregnant test, there is always home test that can help you dispel the fear or give you are a reason to be happy. This article explores some of the most common pregnancy signs that you should know.

Missing periods

This is one of the most obvious signs of having conceived. When you miss your period that is a sign that you could be pregnant. You, however, need to take note of the fact that there are instances where periods can just delay. This can be a result of going through a shock experience or anything that is close to that. Also, some women have irregular periods and what this means is that missing period is not always a sign of pregnancy.


Another common sign of pregnancy is breast tenderness. In this case, you will realize that the breasts become large, swollen and tender. This happens because some types of hormones tend to increase in the body. It is hard to conclude that this is a sign of pregnancy because many women tend to experience this before their period. However, if it happens to you for the first time, then you have all reasons to suspect that you are pregnant.

Frequent urination

Another reason to suspect that you are pregnant is when you start experiencing frequent urination. If you find that you are getting up in the middle of the night just to go and pee, then you could be pregnant. To be precise, when you start experiencing a behavior of going to be more often than usual, the best thing is to go for an accurate pregnancy test that will give you accurate results.


Fatigue is a common problem that is experienced by people who are pregnant. It is known that the hormone released during pregnancy period make many women to experience unusual fatigue. This is a sign that is manifested during early days of pregnancy. So if you realize that you are experiencing fatigue that could be a tip that you are pregnant. You, however, need to be able to distinguish between the fatigue resulting from such things and the one resulting from stress. There are many home pregnancy tests that you can use. Visit for more information.…

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Medical benefits of marijuana

There are numorous benefits of marijuana. According to, here are some of it. Marijuana is a weed grown by a farmer that is commonly used as a drug. In the past marijuana was viewed as a harmful and unwanted substance in the society. Everyone in the community did his best to condemn and eliminate marijuana. This has however changed by time. People in the world has come to realize that marijuana posses many medical and recreational benefits. This lead to many people pushing for the legalization of the substance. Although the medical can be overstated by the people pushing for its legalization, it is beyond reasonable doubt that marijuana contains much medical importance.


Treatment of glaucoma

Glaucoma is a defect of the eye that leads to the eye developing pressure in the eyeball. The pressure affect s the normal working of the eyeball. The condition then affects the optic nerve, and in advanced cases, it can lead to eye blindness. It was observed that despite money people in the slums smoking marijuana, the cases reported of glaucoma were very few. Later medical research revealed that when the substance is inhaled, it reduces the amount of intercellular pressure in the body. Including the pressure in the eyes. It was later discovered that the only treatment that opticians used to treat glaucoma was the administration of marijuana.


Stops the spreading of marijuana

Marijuana can reduce the spreading of marijuana in different ways. First marijuana has the chemical properties to minimize inter-cellular pressure in the body cells. Cancer is the abnormal growth of the body cells. Abnormal growth can be triggered by inter-cellular cells in the body. When a cell cannot absorb the pressure, it leads to the formation of other cells. Marijuana helps reduce the unnecessary growth of cells. Secondly, marijuana got the ability to kill a gene called 1d-1. These are the gene that promotes cancerous cells in the body. The cancerous cell can multiply this cells in a faster rate than uncancerous cells. Marijuana can suppress this gene thus reducing the tendency of cancer spreading.


Decreases stress and anxiety

Marijuana has the natural ability to cause relaxation in the human body. It can reduce pain and suppress nausea. Marijuana has been used by many artists before a performance. It is believed that they took marijuana to increase their self-confidence. Further research showed that the artist aims at relieving anxiety more than they target at boosting their confidence. After a stressful day, a few puffs of the marijuana works wonders in helping an individual relax.


Useful for treatment of hepatitis B

One of the reasons why marijuana was banned in many countries is because doctors were believed to be using marijuana to treat children who were infected with hepatitis B. after a lengthy study it was discovered that no drug in the world has proven to be useful in the treatment of the disease like marijuana. Marijuana is also effective in eliminating and suppressing the negative effect of the disease. Fatigue, nausea, and muscles aches can be minimized by the help of marijuana.…

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Importance of dental health


The importance of dental health cannot be overemphasized. Oral health will affect the general overall health of a person. If one is having dental problems, it will affect how they operate. A regular visit to a dentist is essential to ensuring that one’s dental health is kept in check. This is vital in maintaining one’s teeth and gums in top shape. One also needs to ensure they care for their teeth to prevent dental issues. One may wonder why is dental health important, well read along.

Dental health importance

Prevent dental issues


Caring for one’s teeth helps one to prevent the dental problems that may arise. A regular visit to the dentist will help in early detection and identification of infections and conditions and will allow treatment before they develop into serve problems. The dentist will be able to prevent the build-up of plaque, which is a sticky deposit that clings on the teeth and gum line and has harmful bacteria. The build-up of plaque results to tartar which discolors teeth. The dentist will be able to clean one’s teeth and leave them in a health condition.

A dentist will also be able to identify and detect tooth decay, which if left unchecked will damage one’s teeth and cause cavities. If untreated the tooth decay can cause pain and irritation on the gums. A dentist is also able to diagnose gum and dental diseases. If not detected this conditions can cause teeth lose and other serious health ailments.

Overall health of the body

With proper dental care, the build-up of bacteria in the teeth is reduced. This bacteria if not checked can cause strain on the immune system of the body. This will have an effect on the body continually fighting infections and can lower a person’s productivity. Likewise, open sores and exposed tissues in the teeth will be a potential entrance for infection to the body. Proper dental health will help prevent and treat such conditions.

Saves money

One is also able to save money that they would otherwise have to spend on expensive procedures to deal with dental problems. This is because regular dental care helps maintain one’s teeth and reduce chances of developing dental problems like decay and gum diseases.

How to care for your teeth

dkjdkjdkjskjaskjskjIt is advised that one brushes their teeth well twice a day. Take a minimum of two minutes and brush in a circular motion. Dentists recommend using toothpaste with fluoride and a soft bristle brush. Secondly, one needs to floss to remove plaque from places the toothbrush cannot reach. One also needs to eat a healthy diet to get the required nutrients and keep away from sugar and candy to prevent gum diseases and other conditions that may arise due to diet.

With good dental care ones, confidence and self-esteem is also boosted. Dental care is important for a healthy lifestyle and one cannot ignore this fact.…

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Basic and resourceful eyecare practices



The fact that our eyes are a source of light to our bodies should shake us a little. This should be regarding how we handle them. That’s not all, and it makes us all the more conscious of how we treat and care for our eyes. They go through a lot just to ensure that we are up to date with what’s happening around us. They even do us the favor of helping us spot our soul mates. What more could we ever ask for? The best thing we can do in return is to take proper care of them in every way possible.

Care of our eyes

22nb.lkfnklbnlkHaving them located on our faces is enough to help us get the point. Our eyes help us see the way forward in every road that seems impassable. For this reason, we should be bent on seeing to the general care and well being of our eyes. Here are a few pointers;

  • Ladies should avoid smearing them with heavy makeup. Our eyes are highly sensitive. The least we can do for them is avoid putting them in harm’s way. Some of the beauty products are supposed to be used in limited amounts.
  • Clean them up ever so regularly. Neglecting them can lead to the build-up of unnecessary obstacles. For instance, clean your eyes when you wake up in the morning. Do this even when you are not going anywhere.
  • Put some protective eye gears on when in the scorching sun. This will help protect your eyes from the destructive UV rays of the sun.

See the doctor

Having an eye doctor is just what your eyes need for healthy functionality. Your doctor will be able to look into them and let you know when there is a problem. The sooner you are alerted, the better it will be for your eyes and general well being.

Despite your hefty work schedule, you should make some time for a checkup. After all, those same eyes will help you work smart and efficiently. Getting an appointment with a professional Eye Doctor can be so draining. Which is why, you should take your time and do your research online.
Get to know who the best doctors are and book your appointment early enough. Living off excuses will only be putting your eyesight at risk.

Basic eye care practices

33jlfjigojiiSometimes we put our eyesight at risk without knowing it. As they say, knowledge is power. Here are some ways in which we do so unknowingly;

  • Rubbing our eyes thoroughly. Some of us may not know this, but our eyes are supposed to be rubbed gently. Do not overdo it especially when your hands are not clean.
  • Wearing eyeglasses that are not prescribed for you by your doctor. This is the riskiest thing you can do for your eyes. Check with your eye doctor first before you can join the club of specs wearers.
  • Avoid staying in a room that’s brightly lit for too long. You may want to make a few necessary adjustments to the lighting in your home or office.

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How to choose the best dentist

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Prevention is considered as the right treatment for dental problems. It is important to note that the maintenance regimen and prevention includes regular checkups on an annual basis that provides for professional cleaning. However, this can only be done by a licensed dentist. That is why you have to know some of the critical factors you are required to consider during your selection. Also, note that you will choose a dentist who you are likely to stick with for a couple of years.

Before you choose your dentist, you are required to conduct a research and at least know some of the crucial information concerning dentist. Many dentists have specialized in different areas of dentistry. That is why it is advisable to know the exact type of a dentist to hire. Also, you can visit some of the sites that will help you with crucial factors to consider when choosing one. You can also find a dentist on The following therefore are a few essential things you are required to consider when choosing the right dentist.

Properly certified

oiujytresdxcvbhjnkWhen you are choosing a dentist, this is one of the critical factors you are required to put into consideration. Make sure that a dentist you are interested in is free to show you official documentation of his or her professional credentials. An experienced and professional dentist will have these credentials displayed in their offices. Therefore, make sure that you choose a dentist who is appropriately certified.


Most dentists specialize in different dentistry fields. That is why you are required to research and at least know the type of a dentist you need. This means that you will check in the background of your dentist to be sure that he or she is qualified in a specific field of dentistry. If you need to prove, make sure that you check on their credentials.

Talk to your family and friends.

This is also another way you can use to find the best dentist. You may happen to find that some of your friends or relatives have experienced the services of different dentist. Therefore, make sure that listen to their opinions before you decide to make your final decision.

Cost of serviceso,iujy5htrwgasfxcgvhbjn

When you are choosing your dentist, this is one of the major factors you are required to put into an account. This is because most of the dentist charge their fees based on their years of experience. However, you are required to choose a dentist who offers affordable services.…

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7th World Implant Orthodontic Conference | WIOC2015

Welcome Messages
from the Congress Chair and President
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Emirates Society of Orthodontists, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our fellows and associates at the 7th World Implant Orthodontic Conference. It is such a delight to share this first time experience with you here in Dubai.
This year’s convergence aims to provide information on latest advancements, innovative ideas, as well as breakthroughs in this field within coordinated and consistentframework contributing to the successful management of this speciality. A line-up of informative and innovative pre-conference workshops with state-of-the art lectures from our field of experts both regional and international are all set for this major event in Orthodontic taking place on 10-13 November 2015. We are confident that at the end of this meeting, you will be more equipped and well ahead with the latest technological advances and knowledge in Orthodontic.
The UAE is constantly evolving and continues to grow drastically. No wonder Dubai has become one of the top tourist destinations in the world. UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities and cultures and this culture diversity is one of the unique strengths of the city. The same goes to say with the wide variety of activities that will definitely make your experience one-of-a-kind. There is an endless selection of delectable cuisines, attractive beaches to explore, theme parks and desert adventures, top tourist spots such as BurjKhalifa, the famous The Palm Island and the traditional Gold Souk.
Again, it is my pleasure to welcome you all and I wish you a memorable and fruitful conference!
Kindest Regards,
Dr. Moza Tahwara
President and Congress Chair

Welcome to Dubai… where the hospitality is warm and inviting and the weather is perfect most of the year.
WIOC 2015 Dubai is the seventh annual meeting of the World Implant Orthodontic Association. Thanks to the leadership of founding WIOA President Emeritus, Professor Young-Chel Park, and succeeding WIOA President Eric Liou, the annual meetings have blossomed into a noteworthy global event attracting clinicians and academicians from around the world. The international venue changes each year and WIOC 2015 is the first time ever in the Middle East. The previous WIOC 2014 President, Professor Ravi Nanda, set the highest meeting standards to date in Anaheim, USA, with a fabulously successful event; the Dubai organizers strive to surpass last year.
WIOC started in Seoul, South Korea in 2009, and since, the annual meeting has been held in four continents (Asia, Europe, Australia and North America). Special thanks go to the past Presidents of WIOC for their time and effort in orchestrating successful professional meetings and to the sponsoring orthodontic societies and associations providing support.
Year Location WIOC President Sponsors
2009 Seoul, Korea Prof. Young – Chel Park
2010 Taipei, Taiwan Dr. Eric Liou Taiwan Assoc of Orthodontists
2011 Varona, Italy Dr. Giuliano Maino Italian Ortho Society
2012 Sydney, Astralia Prof. Ali Darendeliler Australian Ortho Society
2013 Phuket, Thailand Dr. Chirat Charoemratrote Thai Assoc of Orthodontists
2014 Anaheim, USA Prof. Ravi Nanda Pacific Coast Ortho Society
2015 Dubai, USA Prof. Donald Ferguson Emirates & Saudi Ortho Societies


The Dubai event is co-sponsored locally by the Emirates Orthodontic Society with Dr. Moza Tahwara, President, and regionally by the Saudi Orthodontic Society with Dr. Khalid Al Badr, President; much thanks goes to event planners MCI Dubai and to the companies and exhibitors choosing to support the conference. The WIOC Organizing Committee is especially indebted to Professor Suleiman Omran of Saudi Arabia for his guidance and wisdom and to WIOA Advisory member Dr. Samar Al Hayek for her enthusiasm and persistence in bring WIOC to the Middle East.
WIOC 2015 Dubai is represented by 40 speakers (5 Keynote, 7 Sponsored and 28 Invited) and focuses on use of temporary orthodontic anchorage devices (TADs). For the past 15 years, TAD usage has increased, biomechanical strategies have changed, increasingly more difficult malocclusions have been treated, a better understanding of bio-compatibility has been reached and innovations keep evolving. WIOC 2015 promises the latest updates to those who attend in a city warm and inviting… where the weather is perfect most of the year.
Donald J. Ferguson, DMD, MSD
Scientific Committee & Representative of the World Implant Orthodontic Association
WIOC 2015

5 Key reasons to attend the conference
Listen to key opinion leaders and experts in the field of orthodontics
Experts will showcase their cutting edge TAD applications and research
Transfer valuable knowledge from research to practice
Networking opportunities
Earn CME credit hours…

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Roles of a cardiologist

Many conditions affect humans health-wise, and that has prompted the need to have specialists that have been trained to treat various conditions in the body. Cardiologists are physicians who have been trained to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases associated with the cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system comprises of the heart and the blood vessels in the body. Not everyone can be a cardiologist because before practicing, they must graduate from medical school, complete residency for them to become board certified then attend a fellowship. The roles of cardiologists vary but below are some of the general roles.

General functions of a cardiologist

Examining patients

Cardiologists offer their expertise to referrals from other physicians who may want to confirm if their patients have cardiovascular diseases. They will offer assistance in the hospital if a patient gets a heart attack or heart failure. They will determine the overall cardiovascular health of patients, and that will aid in determining their medication for other ailments.

Ordering and interpreting tests

Cardiologists will order tests for their patients so that they can make a diagnosis from the tests and decide upon the best treatment course. They will often ask for an echocardiogram which is commonly referred to as an ECG which is the test that creates a picture of the structure of the heart and records how it functions. There will also be a stress test that will show how the heart functions under physical activities. In addition to those tests, blood tests and x rays will help them to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plans. They will also put tubes near the heart or in the heart to check its electrical impulses through a process called cardiac catheterization. All these tests when interpreted will help them to come up with a diagnosis.

Performing invasive procedures

Cardiologists are not doctors, but sometimes, they may perform limited invasive procedures. Such procedures include defibrillator implants, cardiac catheterization, and pacemaker insertion. The processes focus on treating disorders that affect the rhythm of the heart. They will give a shock to the heart so that it can restart with a regular rhythm.



Treating patients

Once the cardiologist receives tests that they had ordered for their patients, they will decide on the best method of treatment. They will know what kind of medication to offer, and sometimes, they will advise on lifestyle choices. They will also do the follow-up care required to ensure that their patients are okay.…

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How to keep your thyroid healthy

The thyroid is one of the most significant parts of the body, but many people are not aware of this. Just like other parts, it performs its functions efficiently when healthy. Unfortunately, statistics have shown that about 20 million Americans have thyroid related complications and up to 60% of this number is unaware of their condition. Thyroid complications can bring about other health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and the disease can be attributed to unhealthy diets and poor lifestyle choices. Below are some important tips that will help you to keep your thyroid healthy.

Tips to keep your thyroid healthy

Maintain a nutrient-rich diet

Intake of fruits and vegetables will have a positive impact on your thyroid. Fruits and vegetables that are rich in iodine and nutrients are ideal because they facilitate the thyroid production hormone. Lack of iron or iodine can cause hypothyroidism while those with hyperthyroidism can use the iodine in the bodies to slow down thyroid producing hormones. Include chia seeds, berries, spirulina, and walnuts among other healthy foods to keep your thyroid healthy.

Avoid inflammatory foods

Inflammatory foods have been found to irritate the digestive system, and that can cause injuries to it. The thyroid will be highly affected when the digestive system is irritated because it will not acknowledge the thyroid as a body part. In fact, the thyroid gland will be interpreted as intrusive, and an autoimmune attack will be launched. Examples of inflammatory foods include eggs, gluten, grains and dairy products.

Avoid stress

Stress is the leading cause of many diseases. Decreasing your stress levels will not only improve your thyroid function, but it will also improve your general health. Stress has been found to induce a thyroid condition because when stressed, the body overproduces a hormone called cortisol which interferes with the thyroid hormone production. When this happens, the thyroid is overworked so that it can produce enough hormones to perform the body functions that it should. Meditation, breathing techniques and outdoors activities are good stress relievers.

Avoid fluoride

Studies have shown that commercial toothpaste has toxic chemicals that are detrimental to our health. In addition to that, they may be harmful to the thyroid. In fact, places that supply water that has fluoride have a high rate of hypothyroidism. That is why drinking distilled or alkaline water is recommended because it promotes the overall health of the thyroid. Also, avoid non-stick pans and black tea as they also contain fluoride.…

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